Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to: Cavalier seat swap 1982-2000+

Another very popular mod is to put cavalier seats

S10 Cavalier Seat
Cavalier seats installed.
into your s10 instead of the original bench or buckets. The main reason for doing this is that the seats sit a little lower giving you more head room, as well as being more comfortable then the stock seats.

 If you have stock bucket seats or a 60/40 (split) bench seat, you can use those seat tracks to put on your Cavalier seats. If you have a full bench seat, I believe you will have to go out and find some bucket or 60/40 seat tracks in order for this to work properly

You can get this style seat from any newer Chevy Cavalier or Pontiac Sunfire. They have various colors/prints available. Just go check out your local junkyard. Getting them from a 2-door is best because they have the tab in the back so you can tilt the seat forward so you can have access to behind the seats. Camaro seats also work for this swap.

Step 1: Remove the Seat Tracks from your Cavalier seats. There should only be four bolts one in each corner of the seat. These tracks are no longer needed so you can toss them away or do what ever you like with them.

S10 Seat Rails
Removing the tracks from the stock s10 seats
Step 2: Remove the tracks from your stock s10 buckets or 60/40 bench seat. You will be putting these tracks onto your Cavalier seats. Depending on the seats you have there will either be 4 13mm bolts (1982-1993) or 6 13mm bolts (1994-1997) If you have a full bench you cannot use the tracks off of them, you need tracks from a 60/40 bench or buckets

Step 3: Once you have your stock s10 tracks removed they will match perfectly to the bottom of your cavalier seats. Use the 4 bolts that originally held the cavalier tracks to the cavalier seats to bolt on your s10 seat tracks.

Step 4: Bolt the new Cavalier seat / s10 track combo back into your truck and enjoy the sweet smell of success. Now for people switching from a full bench seat keep reading as there is still a little more to do.

Cavalier Seats 98+
Here you can see the two existing mounting spots on the passenger side.
Step 5: Now because your truck originally had a full bench there are only 4 mounting points in the cab for your seats( 2 on the driver side and 2 on the passenger side). This is a problem because each seat needs 4 to properly secure them to the floor. Place your passenger cavalier seat into the truck making sure to fit the track onto the two bolts that already exist. Get a sharpie and mark the other two holes for the seat track where there are no bolts.

Step 6: Remove the seat and drill these holes out and weld bolts into each. Once they are welded into position, place the seat back on top and check that everything works and lines up. If everything is good secure the seat and repeat for the driver side.